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Mr. Ong at Kennedy Road

"My sky garden gave me more trouble than enjoyment because of persisting water leakage problems during the last ten years. I paid hundreds of thousands dollar to repair, and even to redo the waterproofing system again and again but the problem remains. My friend who is an architect suggested that the only way to end my problem was to sell the property. I am happy that I tried the protective coating technology adopted by Geeson two years ago and the problem has since been resolved once and for all."




Mr. Lai, facility engineer of a listed local enterprise

"Geeson Engineering Ltd have been hired in many occasions for fixing various water leaking problems for our maintenance facilities in the CLK airport. Apart from the innovative coating product solutions which I found incredible for speedy repairs, they can always meet our expectation in work quality, safety and time schedule requirement. All in all, I found that their services are very professional and reliable. They are flexible and easy to work with in every aspect of work execution, and their on-site service team are highly disciplined and well controlled. I have no hesitation in recommending their service to anyone who may find their coating application services suitable to their needs. "


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